McKell Partners shines in assisting businesses in a variety of ways. Business owners have serious concerns regarding a lack of adequate education and management surrounding their existing group retirement plans, like 401k’s. Because education is a key value at McKell Partners, we have found a unique fit in assisting business owners and their employees with this gathering concern.

With the dramatic reduction of Defined Benefit Pension Plans across the United States, Defined Contribution Plans have become the norm in the private sector. These plans have shifted a range of economic risks from the employer to the employee. Unfortunately, most financial service providers are simply not living up to the task of providing adequate education and encouragement to plan participants regarding the importance of tax deferred retirement savings.

Most providers set up plans, provide online tools and frankly abandon the needed role of “Educator in Chief” on why and how employees should engage these essential tools. In addition, most plans are laden with excessive fees and costs, but disclosed and undisclosed. To compound the problem, most Human Resource departments are simply not equipped to handle the range of questions associated with retirement planning.

Again, at McKell Partners, we believe in a consultative approach to help individuals and families make great decisions surrounding their economic lives. Frequent lunch and learn events and individual planning sessions have been anxiously welcomed as well as periodic reviews of existing investment plan choices and performance.

In addition to assistance with qualified plans, McKell Partners assists businesses owners in the following areas:

  • Retirement Plan Consulting
  • Group Life & Disability Benefits
  • Corporate Treasury Management for ESOP Companies
  • Corporate Investment Management
  • Educational Events
  • Business Consulting
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit

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