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We have seen the looks on their faces.  With thousands of hours of client meetings, workshops, and public educational events, we have seen the troubled countenances and guarded expressions of wonderful hard working Americans. These Americans include successful business owners and high net worth individuals plagued with what we call the Pre-Retirement Jitters.  With the prospects of living in retirement for 30+ years, the decisions being made during this time of life are highly consequential.  

My own grandfather recently passed at 104 years.  Who would have ever thought he’d live for over 40 years in retirement!

With over 11,000 baby boomers retiring in America each day, our workplaces and neighborhoods are full of individuals and couples facing a mirage of decisions and choices that have many paralyzed from moving forward.  The range of questions are endless.

  • When should I retire?
  • Do I have enough saved?
  • We want to relocate, but can we afford it?
  • How do I convert my assets to income?
  • Should I pay off the house?
  • What about my investments?
  • When should I elect Social Security?
  • What about my health insurance?
  • Can you help me with my pension choices?
  • Am I going to run out of money?
  • What if we have another market down turn like 2008?
  • What about my spouse’s pension or 401k?
  • What if I get sick?
  • How do I continue to care for my aged parent?
  • What about my business?
  • How much longer do I need to keep working?
  • Should I go part-time?

We could quickly add another 50 commonly asked questions by pre-retirees. This phase of life can be an emotional traffic jam of pressing decisions and choices that can even have the most successful among us locked up in what we call, “the paralysis of analysis.”

Client Centered

At McKell Partners, we specialize in working with “Transitioners.” These are individuals, families and business owners who are transitioning from the accumulation, to the distribution phase of life. Unfortunately, without comprehensive planning, pre-retirees fall short of what could be a more, “happily ever after retirement.”

These sub-standard outcomes are largely due to uneducated decisions. Sadly, many of these decisions, like pension and Social Security elections cannot be reversed. In addition, significant risks arise when investment portfolios are not properly reviewed and structured as well as a host of other poor economic decisions and choices.

If you are a pre-retiree you are likely wrestling with many issues and concerns. The topics facing pre-retirees are unique and require a unique perspective and approach. Let us help you slow down this phase of life and, through a comprehensive planning and educational process, position yourself for financial peace.

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