Tax Strategy

Tax is an integral component of financial planning. Since you get to choose your financial advisor, wouldn’t you prefer one who also thinks like an accountant? How about one who can help coordinate efforts with your tax preparer or CPA? Our unique value proposition includes years of experience in public accounting. Just another reason to choose McKell Partners.

Are you confident your financial professional is considering tax strategy as part of your financial and retirement planning? A financial professional can not consider what they do not know.

At McKell Partners, we grew up as accountants. Mark McKell passed the CPA exam in 1989 and spent the first stage of his career in public accounting working with Ernst & Whinney, now Ernst & Young. Adam is a licensed CPA and joined McKell Partners from Grant Thornton, the fifth largest public accounting firm internationally. As a practice, McKell Partners does not prepare tax returns. However, given our background, we are tax minded (which is key in a financial advisory relationship).

As you can imagine, trying to make financial decisions without looking through the tax lens can be misguiding and result in unintended consequences. In our role as financial professionals, like your favorite accountants, we appreciate details, provide independent service and care about helping you accomplish your goals – after tax.

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