Our Mission Statement

We help individuals and families experience financial peace so they can focus their lives on what matters most. We accomplish this by implementing a variety of effective strategies to combat the risks associated with pre- and post-retirement life. This helps ensure that one's Golden Years are just that - truly golden.

What Makes Us Different: Our Values


Because we are multi-company licensed and engaged in both variable (investment) and fixed (insurance, annuities, long-term care) strategies, we are able to integrate both investment and actuarially-based solutions for our clients. Consequently, our clients receive objective advice and efficient results. Simply, we use all of the tools in the toolbox

Commitment to Education

Our commitment to education is demonstrated by having conducted hundreds of educational workshops and having published over 100 educational articles on financial topics that matter most. We know that when your decisions are rooted in education, you will have a credible claim to financial peace.

Ongoing Engagement

Staying connected with those we serve is important to us. We provide ongoing service and maintain enduring relationships through our formal review process, our quarterly newsletter, and being available to our clients when they need us. Since life changes, we are with you along the way.


As professionals and as individuals, we espouse the highest standards – in word and deed. We believe there is no right way to do the wrong thing. This speaks to the core of who we are. We are committed to honesty and integrity in all we do.

Holistic Approach

We seek to understand the whole financial chessboard – recognizing that one move is not a move unto itself. This independent, comprehensive view seeks to understand all components at play and consequently provides higher levels of confidence and synergy.

One Journey Perspective

Amateur hikers often say the objective is to get to the top. Expert hikers know that the ultimate objective is to get back home safely. Think of your retirement like climbing a mountain. On the way up you accumulate assets and on the way down you spend or distribute them. This is not two, but one continuous journey! This financial perspective yields better outcomes.