Family Protection - Insurance Planning

Consider the following:

  • What if you get in an accident, it’s your fault and you get sued? Your hard earned assets and income can be at risk.
  • What if you don’t come home one day?
  • Will your family be protected?
  • Will your children still be able to live in their own home, attend their schools and maintain their existing friends?
  • What if your ability to produce is interrupted because of a disability?
  • Do you have a plan in place to handle these contingencies?

While these are painful questions, they are important to confront. At McKell Partners, protection is integrally important in building your castle. We often talk about the mote and the castle. They are both important to your peace of mind.

At McKell Partners, our job is to help ensure you have the protection you need to provide security to your family, to guarantee that assets will be available for your care, and to preserve your estate at your passing. In a sense, our role is to make sure that a bad day doesn’t turn into a bad life!

Working with a financial professional that takes a holistic, comprehensive view has added benefits. Since we take the time to understand your whole financial chessboard, we can more accurately recommend an insurance plan that is right for you. In addition, we are multi-company licensed, which means that we can provide independent, impartial insurance advice.

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