Portfolio Management

Accumulating wealth throughout your life takes persistence and focus. To set and steer a course, you need the help of a guide you can trust. Whether you are just getting started or are well into retirement, managing your portfolio is integral to your comprehensive financial plan. As part of our consultative process, we learn your objectives, time horizon and ability to assume risk. We believe your investment posture should be tailored specifically to you.

It is important to understand that not all portfolios are constructed alike. Most investors do not have a good grasp on the portfolio interworking. Let’s begin by educating you through our complimentary statement audit service. Through this offering we literally pop the hood on your investment account and help you understand what you own and how you own it. We educate you through a detailed report of our findings. We often uncover the following issues:

  • Basic portfolio structural problems
  • Excessive fees both disclosed and undisclosed
  • Unnecessary overlap & redundancies
  • Problems in the areas of: Bond Credit Quality, Rate Risk, Cash Flow Yield
  • Inefficiencies regarding taxation and turnover

In the end, this all translates into substandard performance.

All that is needed for your second opinion is a confidential copy of your detailed account statement. Please send that statement to team@mckellpartners.com. We will connect and share our findings with you within 10 days. We are not aware of another firm that provides such a service.

You will find this experience most enlightening.

Let McKell Partners help you experience financial peace. 

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