We Built A Pre-Retirement Crash Course For You!

Hello, My name is Mark McKell. I am the Managing Partner of McKell Partners, a full-service wealth management practice. We have built a complimentary Pre-Retirement Crash Course to help people just like you navigate the complexities of pre-retirement.

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Avoid the following mistakes so many pre-retirees make:

  • Inappropriate Social Security and pension elections
  • Missteps regarding the effective management of one’s investment portfolio
  • Being devastated by a long-term illness with no care protection strategy
  • Lost income and enjoyment due to executing inefficient retirement income streams
  • And of course, not considering a range of other estate planning blunders
What will I learn from the Pre-Retirement Crash Course?

What will I learn from the Pre-Retirement Crash Course?

  • Your Financial Chessboard – A new perspective of how to look at your financial life.
  • Four important truths in navigating pre-retirement life.
  • The difference between the accumulation and distribution phases of life.
  • How to better visualize your financial future, by “beginning with the end in mind.”
  • Six important guide posts to developing effective financial strategies.
  • Seven important “down the mountain” rules for retirement survival.
  • And finally, eight key insights in choosing a financial advisor and much, much more.
The American Retirement Landscape has changed!

The American Retirement Landscape has changed!

  • Americans are living longer. This creates a whole host of issues!
  • Medical costs continue to outpace inflation.
  • Government programs like Social Security & Medicare are struggling.
  • What about the threat of an extended illness or cognitive decline?
  • For private sector workers, Defined Benefit Pension Plans have been replaced by less efficient Defined Contribution Plans like 401k’s.
  • And through it all, there’s been a lack of education with how to best navigate this new environment.