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Estate planning is more than discussing the need for a will, trust and power of attorney documents. These are vital, but as we stretch our minds further we realize that the topic of estate planning is so much more. For the vast majority of Americans, the objective of estate planning is to stretch out the value of your assets and to “keep them in the family.” This can be difficult when battling seemingly uncontrollable factors like taxation, inflation, planned obsolescence, changes in technology and others. If not prepared, Americans often move from the accumulation to the distribution phase of life and are unpleasantly surprised when exposed to these eroding factors.

This is why we have developed the Estate Preservation Wellness Check Up, a very effective estate preservation educational and diagnostic tool. The Estate Preservation Wellness Check Up asks participants 10 important economic preparedness questions. Test your level of preparedness by answering the questions below:

  • Protection From Unwanted Litigation
    – Do you have sufficient liability protection from unwanted litigation or a frivolous lawsuit? Are you sure you have proper coverage?
  • Protection From Long Term Care Expenses
    – Are your assets protected from the threat of a long-term catastrophic illness? Do you know your available options?
  • Combat Increased Taxes & Inflation
    – Will your assets and income withstand the potential wave of increased taxes & inflation?
  • Secure Guaranteed Lifetime Income
    – Do you have a guaranteed flow of income that cannot be outlived?
  • Effective Asset Management
    – Are your investments being efficiently managed? Does your investment strategy align with your goals and objectives?
  • Advanced Planning to Combat Survivorship Risk
    – Are you positioned to replace lost income when a spouse passes?
  • Prepare for Entitlement Erosion
    – Are you guarding yourself against the erosion of Social Security and/or Medicare benefits?
  • Intelligent Asset Transfer at Passing
    – Have you provided for an intelligent transfer of your assets at death?
  • Minimize Tax Liability to Heirs
    – Will your heirs pay an excessive tax liability due to your IRA, Annuity and/or Estate Taxes at your passing?
  • Enhance Personal Legacy
    – Have you thought about and/or provided for your personal legacy?

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