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About the Author:<br/>Mark McKell, CPA

About the Author:
Mark McKell, CPA

Mark McKell, CPA is the Managing Partner of McKell Partners, a comprehensive wealth management practice. Their mission is to “Help individuals and families experience financial peace so they can focus their lives on what matters most." McKell Partners is a leader in helping pre-and-post retirees make great decisions in their golden years.

Mark has a B.S. in Accounting from Brigham Young University, Provo, UT. Mark started his career with Ernst & Young, a top-tier public accounting firm. He then served as a corporate financial professional as a financial controller, CFO, and CEO. For nearly 25 years, Mark functions as a personal CFO for pre-and-post retirees helping them make their golden years, truly golden.

Mark has conducted hundreds of public workshops on the topics of comprehensive financial planning, risk management, estate planning, long-term care protection and wealth building. He has published over 100 educational articles on financial planning topics. He is a “go-to” person at industry conferences training other financial professionals on helping individuals and families experience financial peace.

Away from work, Mark is a dedicated family man and committed to his faith, country and community. He and his wife, Susan, have been married 40 years, and have four married children including twelve grandchildren.

The following questions are just a few that cause many to pause and often stall in their pre-and-post retirement planning.

When should one elect Social Security or Pension benefits when a significant age difference and/or retirement date preference might exist between the spouses?

How does one convert hard earned assets to income from a 401k, brokerage account or business sale?

How does one withdraw assets in retirement without running out?

What is the best strategy to protect my assets from a chronic illness threat?

Can one's assets withstand the potential wave of increased taxes and inflation?

Should one retire completely or work/consult part-time for a while?

How will assets pass to the next generation intelligently and efficiently?